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 Work with gifted children and  young people in the Republic of Belarus is organized at close cooperation of pedagogues, institutions of education and the organizations from various countries interested in this problem.
Some Olympiads, competitions, tournaments, scientific and practical conferences for schoolchildren are organized and held with participation of Belarusian children abroad and in the same time foreign children take part in such national and regional events in the Republic of Belarus.
Recently it is widely practiced abroad the organization of international summer profile camps for schoolchildren winners and prizewinners of intellectual competitions.
Organization of such events in the Republic of Belarus as well as abroad is possible only at close international cooperation.
International meetings, workshops and conferences are organized for discussing new ideas and realizing the projects for further development and support of schoolchildren interests to studies.
Annually in one of the cities of the world schoolchildren from various countries of all the continents are gathered to their prestige intellectual competitions such as international Olympiads on exact and natural sciences. Every year seven Belarusian teams consisting of 31 representatives of school elite of the Republic of Belarus defend the honour of their country among the schoolchildren from different countries of the world.
Organizers of the final stage of the Republican Olympiad for schoolchildren in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, informatics, astronomy and geography and heads of the national teams of the Republic of Belarus maintain the contacts with the colleagues and cooperate with Organizing Committees and help to hold the International schoolchildren Olympiads in these subjects.
Positive example of bilateral international cooperation in organizing pupils’ Mathematical Olympiads is the professional and friendly relations of Belarusian and Lithuanian mathematicians. Last years the children from Belarus and Lithuania took part in the National Olympiads of their neighbor. They were studying together at educational and training sessions for participation in International Olympiads, visited each other’s summer schools and International summer camps. The winners and prizewinners of mathematician competition from Gomel (Belarus)were more than once invited to International summer camp in Lithuania. And Lithuanian schoolchildren were the participants of Summer school for the winners of the republican and international Olympiads in the National children recuperative camp “Zubrenok” and International simmer camp in Belarusian and German center “Nadejda”. In August 2007 10 teams (5 schoolchildren and 1 adult) including 3 teams from abroad (Lithuanian, Poland, Ukraine) trained for mathematics and took a rest there
In the limits of educational project of the Council of Europe Committee and European Committee “UNESCO” “Kangaroo” is mathematics for everybody”, since 1994 Belarusian schoolchildren has been participating in International mathematical competition ”Kangaroo”. 5510067099 schoolchildren from 41 countries took part in the competition, including 119767 participants from Belarus in 2008.
Annually representatives of the countries participated in this competition are gathered for regular working meeting where the problems of organizing the next year competition are discussed.
At the conferences in Graz (Austria, 2007) and in Berlin (Germany, 2008) it was decided and approved to hold working meeting in 2009 (Minsk, Belarus).
In November 2006 representatives of Belarus, Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus, and Rumania established the competition for schoolchildren in foreign languages. It is a positive example of multilateral international cooperation. The best teachers in foreign languages of the Republic of Belarus were not only the initiators of organizing such competition but in the same time they were the authors of the tasks for its participants. 600877 Belarusian schoolchildren took part in the competition “Lingvistenok-2008” in English, German and French.
Belarusian and Rumanian colleagues have fruitful bilateral ties in organizing the competition in foreign languages and participating schoolchildren in the work of international summer camp.
Organizers of the competitions in Belarus actively cooperate with their colleagues from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia.
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